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Nos Valeurs

Our values

Today's travelers aren't just looking to find a place to stay the night: what attracts them is the warmth that their reservation can bring to their trip. Because even on the move, it is always good to find some comfort in your reservation. It is on this point that our concierge service stands out: far from the formal vision of our competitors and the traditional hotel industry, our objective is to make your accommodation a fully-fledged experience for your future tenants. To do this, we do not hesitate to use all our methods and advanced analysis tools. 

The goal is to offer superior quality services that will benefit you and your customers! Indeed, these quality services make it possible to satisfy travelers and therefore to attract more of them, which thus offers you the possibility of increasing the income generated by your property. 

Nos Valeurs
Nos Valeurs - Gestion & conciergerie airbnb
Nos Valeurs - Gestion & conciergerie airbnb

Thanks to our many partner platforms, we assure you to increase the visibility of your property on a global level. Our approach remains personalized: our team is  listens and knows how to adapt to your needs. This is why each property we manage is treated independently,  in order to find the way to optimize your accommodation while remaining vigilant as to your requirements and those of visitors. 
In fact, this long-term vision allows us to be super-host on many platforms. This guarantee of quality is very important to customers, who then build loyalty and return year after year to the properties we take care of.  

In other words, Heiwa is revolutionizing travel by offering an incomparable experience for visitors as well as a unique solution for managing your property!

Our team

Alexandre Elie

alexander elie

CO-Founder and Property Manager

Jimmy Loup

Jimmy Wolf

CO-Founder and Business Manager

Geoffrey Geneviève

Geoffrey Genevieve

Co-Founder and Marketing Manager

Anthony Guerry

Anthony Guerry

Property Manager

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