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We offer three levels of insurance for your property

Assurance des plateformes
Assurance des plateformes
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Platform Insurance:

Each platform includes insurance in its services that covers 99% of any problems that may arise in your property. This insurance is therefore inherent to the platforms and applies to each reservation you make through said platform. The procedures are very simple and fully mastered by our team.

Airbnb  (and partner sites)



Insurance of Heiwa SARL

Certainly, the platforms offer to cover 99% of possible problems. But to have total insurance of your property, Heiwa offers to cover the missing 1%. We offer you to benefit from our insurance at XXX which covers problems such as …………. Up to CHF XXX

Assurance d’Heiwa SARL
Votre assurance personnelle
Votre assurance personnelle

Your personal insurance

Whether for personal purposes or to protect you from other damage such as natural disasters for example, your personal insurance remains at your disposal and is always there to cover you effectively.

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