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Concierge short-term rental

Welcoming travelers will not require any effort from you.

Conciergerie & Gestion Airbnb en Suisse
Conciergerie & Gestion Airbnb en Suisse
Notre concept Gestion Airbnb
Notre concept Gestion Airbnb

Our concept

Le monde d'Heiwa offers you a tailor-made and professional rental management service. From posting to booking, including handing over the keys and then the cleaning service, Heiwa allows you complete management of your real estate. In addition, its system favoring “short-term” rental is optimized to reduce the vacancy rate of your property and thus maximize its return.

Whether in the mountains or in the open, by a lake or in town, our market analysis as well as our knowledge of the para-hotel business allow you to have access to the best of short-term rentals.

Finally, the flexibility of Heiwa allows you to take control of your accommodation and thus adapt its availability thanks to the simple portal dedicated to you.

Don't wait any longer and live the Heiwa adventure

Our values

Heiwa is revolutionizing travel by offering an incomparable experience for visitors as well as a unique solution for managing your property!

Entrust my property to Heiwa


4. Validation, schedule and report 

It will only remain for the owner to validate or modify the work carried out by the Heiwa team, then to take charge of the reports and the personal reservation calendar.

5. Uploading

During this visit we will be able to get to know the place and make suggestions for improvements if necessary.

6. Payment

​Receive your payments each month while sitting at home.

1. First contact

Presentation of the solution and listening to your expectations. This appointment is of course free of charge and without obligation.

2. Visit of your apartment(s)

During this visit we will be able to get to know the place and make suggestions for improvements if necessary.

3. Creating the ad

After the implementation of the potential optimizations, a photo session will take place in order to highlight the accommodation. This will lead to the creation of ads on the different platforms.

I am extremely satisfied with Heiwa's concierge services. Their professionalism and expertise helped maximize the profitability of my Airbnb rental.


Screenshot 2022-03-13 at 21.20.46.png

I have been working with Heiwa for several months and I am very happy with their service. Their team make it an ideal choice for any owner.


Happy Man

I am very impressed with the services offered by Heiwa. Their professionalism and experience are unmatched in the market. I highly recommend


Our partner platforms

Heiwa uses the best tools so that your ad is present on the most efficient platforms of the moment. Our tools allow us to publish ads quickly and modify them in a fraction of a second. In addition, Heiwa guarantees you a maximum filling rate and optimal prices. You will also have real-time access to a detailed report of your rental income.

Pateformes Partenaires
App - Agoda
App- Tripadvisor
App - Expedia
App - Booking
App - Premier Host

Heiwa, a trusted agency

Increase in rental income

Thanks to short-term rental, price optimization and a high rental rate, Heiwa Solution offers a net profitability of more than 50% compared to traditional rental and this without any additional effort from the owner.

Payment on commission

Our solution has the advantage of being simple and convincing. This is the reason why the costs related to our work are only due when your goods are rented. They are mainly used to cover rental management costs. 

Peace of mind

Heiwa takes care of everything, you don't need to intervene in person at any time. Our team manages for you all the elements necessary for the smooth running of the rentals of your property

Real-time rental and revenue tracking

You will have access at any time to a personalized report which will allow you to know the rental rate of your apartments and the state of your income

Available throughout French-speaking Switzerland

Mainly active in the Valais and the 3 lakes region, Heiwa adapts to its customers and does not hesitate to listen to its activity as and when requested by its customers.


Our apps

  • What platforms do you list my property on?
    Where many competing sites promise you greater visibility without really explaining how they work, at Heiwa, transparency is fundamental. We have therefore chosen to use the maximum of available platforms with the idea of increasing the visibility, and therefore the success of your ad. The fact of using several platforms is also advantageous for you in terms of prices: each site having its own audience, the prices of your reservations may also vary and better adapt to demand! Thus, after having entrusted us with your property, we register the corresponding advertisement on the following booking platforms: Airbnb (and partner sites) Trip Advisor Vrbo Expedia HomeAway (and partner sites)
  • Where are you currently active?
    Our services extend to the whole of French-speaking Switzerland. That said, our activity focuses mainly on the canton of Friborg and in Valais. These cantons are coveted, which makes them good opportunities to engage in short-term rental if your property is there!
  • Comment commencer à travailler avec vous ?
    Pour bénéficier de nos services professionnels et commencer à travailler avec nous, rien de plus simple. Il vous suffit de nous contacter par mail à l’adresse ou par téléphone au 079 467 70 72. Vous pouvez également passer par notre page Contact, qui vous permet de nous envoyer un message directement depuis notre site. Notre équipe est à l’écoute et vous contactera à la réception de votre message pour envisager une collaboration.
  • Do you use your accounts to post my ad?
    Correct, your ad will be published through our account on each of our partner platforms. The use of an account dedicated to our agency is a real advantage for you for a simple and good reason: you do not have to take care of the referencing of your ad. And yes, Heiwa is already superhost or premium on all online booking platforms! It is this guarantee of trust that guarantees you to be highlighted and to attract as many travelers as possible.
  • Why not rent my property myself?
    Managing the rental of your property by yourself is quite possible, provided you do not underestimate the workload involved. More than publishing a simple ad, managing its rental means making a sometimes long journey in order to regularly maintain your property, to manage the publication of your ads... In other words, renting your property yourself may take you a lot of time. and energy without guarantee as to the result. Achieving optimal profitability requires precise knowledge and efforts that are sometimes difficult to provide when you already lead a hectic lifestyle. By opting for a concierge like Heiwa, you put the odds on your side to achieve profitability two to three times higher!
  • How is my income calculated? What exactly do I have to pay?
    It is natural to ask yourself the question of income before entrusting your property to a concierge. If you are wondering how much it is possible to increase your profitability thanks to our services, do not hesitate to contact us. In fact, we have a tool for this purpose: the personalized analysis request. You can send us this request using the form available on our site. Once your form is complete, our team can look into your file to carry out a detailed assessment of the potential of your property. We then send you this evaluation which includes in priority the income that you can generate as well as the commission taken by our team.
  • Why do I have to pay introductory fees and annual fees?
    The start-up costs refer to all the costs necessary for the smooth running of your rental. We are referring here to many tasks to be carried out beforehand such as the analysis of your accommodation, the market analysis, the implementation of a price policy adapted to the competition... The preparation of the accommodation also represents a certain workload, since we make sure to exploit the full potential of your property. Then comes the professional photography session as well as the creation of ads on all platforms. In total, we devote about 5 working days to launching your reservations, which explains the presence of costs. The annual fees, meanwhile, correspond to the software we use to constantly optimize your profitability. These IT tools are extremely handy for boosting your housing, but don't come without cost. As a result, part of their funding comes from the annual fees we collect.
  • Is there a minimum commitment period?
    Getting started in short-term rentals and putting your accommodation on different sites always requires a certain amount of patience before observing the results. Although our Heiwa Solution agency allows you to take off quickly, it will take a few months for your property to be really efficient. It is in this sense that we recommend that you commit to a minimum period of one year for your rental to bear fruit, after which you will no longer want to leave us!
  • How do you manage cleaning and the arrival of travelers? Can I do them myself?
    If there is a complex part to supervise in the context of a short-term rental, it is the management of households. Rest assured, our teams and our professional partners are kept informed in real time thanks to our Heiwa Cleaning application. This informs our stakeholders of departures, arrivals, potential modifications and specific requests that customers may have. Our application facilitates the management of the households that we take care of, and relieves you of an important burden that is maintenance. We also take care of small repairs and the supply of consumables of course. For arrivals and departures, a key box system allows the automation and security of visits to your accommodation. If, however, cleaning is a task that you want to manage by yourself, know that it is possible to take charge of the maintenance personally but under certain conditions.
  • What happens in the event of damage to my property?
    As a regular responder, our cleaning team will notify us immediately if any damage occurs to your property. You will then be the first person we will inform, and with whom we will discuss in order to find a solution together. In addition, be reassured that you will not have to spend a penny for repairs. Indeed, each online booking platform offers insurance that covers potential damage and reimburses you for all repair costs. Moreover, these insurances generally offer an amount relating to the operating loss related to the repairs on your property. Finally, we are partners of a complementary insurance which offers you the guarantee of being 100% covered and of avoiding any ambiguity or gray area with the insurance of the different rental platforms.
  • Quelle est la législation de la location saisonnière en Suisse ?
    La location saisonnière est parfaitement légale en Suisse. Vous trouverez plus d'information sur ce sujet ici


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