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Devenir City manager en Suisse

Cleaning service and Bedding

Et si vous deveniez City Manager Heiwa ?

Professional Photo

​After highlighting the best aspects of your property, it is time to devote an intervention solely to photography. You may not know it, but beautiful photos above all allow an increase in income of up to 50% more! The photos that appear on your future ad should therefore not be neglected. Heiwa allows you to benefit from professional services: choice of angles, brightness, contrasts and many other criteria that will serve to enhance the beauty of your property. To do this, our team goes on site with state-of-the-art equipment and takes strategic shots. Finally, our graphic designers will be able to retouch the images if necessary, to obtain a rendering that is simply incomparable!

360 tour

​Our experience has confirmed us in the idea that a 360 visit was THE convincing criterion in the eyes of customers. It is therefore logical that we suggest that you develop a 360 visit to improve the advertisement of your property. This tool allows any visitor to immediately discover your accommodation from every angle, on all the booking platforms we use. In addition, such a visit represents a very interesting added value compared to other amateur advertisements which are content with a few photos.

Être City Manager c’est quoi ?

Our common mission? Develop your city

And to do this, the City Manager must complete the following general missions 

Real estate advice

  Make an appointment 

  Housing visit 

  Mandate signature 

 Customer relationship




 Passenger service 

 Tourist advice


 Creation & management of   annonces_cc781905-5cde-3194_cf-b5d5bad3

 Yield Management 

 Cleaning & laundry 

  Housing stewardship

Heiwa, a trusted agency

Heiwa, a trusted agency

Pourquoi rejoindre Heiwa gestion airbnb ? 

Increase in rental income

Thanks to short-term rental, price optimization and a high rental rate, Heiwa Solution offers a net profitability of more than 50% compared to traditional rental and this without any additional effort from the owner.

Awareness and brand image of Heiwa

Benefit from the proven work methodologies that have enabled Heiwa to obtain an Airbnb rating of 4.8/5 on all reservations managed

Peace of mind

Heiwa takes care of everything, you don't need to intervene in person at any time. Our team manages for you all the elements necessary for the smooth running of the rentals of your property

Our values

Heiwa is revolutionizing travel by offering an incomparable experience for visitors as well as a unique solution for managing your property!

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